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Using a Handheld Mobile Device While Holding a CDL in Washington State?

The use of a handheld mobile device while driving a motor vehicle is prohibited and is even more so for the holders of a CDL. Washington State has outlawed the use of handheld mobile devices while driving a motor vehicle or engaging in operation of a commercial motor vehicle. This implies that using a cell phone to type messages, make a call or browse the internet is prohibited; consequences include severe punishments. For the CDL holders, the consequences are even more severe since such actions can lead to a disqualification of the commercial driving privileges thereby affecting your work and future.

Defense of CDL Holders in Washington State

Understanding the rules of the road as well as the unique rules concerning the use of handheld mobile devices in commercial vehicles is critical in avoiding the numerous violations. The attorneys at Ticket Cutter are fully aware of the specific legal defense strategies that are most effective for CDL holders. We also appreciate the fact that you depend on your commercial driving privilege and thus we fight for your rights.

Hire a Lawyer to Help You – Ticket Cutter

When you are a CDL holder charged with the use of a handheld mobile device while driving, it is advised that you hire a lawyer as soon as possible. Allow us at Ticket Cutter to assist you with our professional legal advice and secure methods that will suit your particular situation. Needless to say, it is always better to be safe than sorry; do not endanger your career, call us today for a free initial consultation.

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With offices located in Washington State, we have virtual consultations and are always here to help with your legal problems. Whether you are in Olympia, Seattle, Tacoma or any other city in Washington, Ticket Cutter has got your back.

Your Legal Options

When charged with using a handheld mobile device as a CDL holder, you have several legal options:

  • Plead Guilty: Admit the charges and get ready to receive the consequences of the alleged offense that may include payment of fines, having points on your CDL and or even be barred from driving commercially.
  • Negotiate a Plea: In collaboration with the prosecutor, attempt to get a reduced charge or lighter penalty.
  • Fight the Charges: Quash the evidence and put up your defense in a court of law with the assistance of a professional lawyer.

The choice is rather delicate and depends on the particularities of your situation and possible consequences for your career. Speaking to an attorney is recommended in order to make the right choice.

Services that We Provide for CDL Holders

At Ticket Cutter, we handle a wide range of services related to handheld mobile device violations for CDL holders, including:

  • Legal representation in court
  • Negotiation with prosecutors
  • The case assessment and the evidence analysis
  • Personalized defense strategies
  • Filing for a appeal for unfavorable decisions
  • Guidance on how to keep your CDL

When You May Require the Services of a Lawyer

Legal services are very helpful when it comes to the handling of CDL holders with handheld mobile device charges. A knowledgeable attorney can help you:

  • Prevent harsh consequences that may include monetary fines and the suspension of one’s driving privilege.
  • The easiest way on how to protect your commercial driving privileges is to ensure that you;
  • Minimise the effect on your insurance premium
  • Make sure that your rights are protected from the time you report the case to the time it is concluded.

Penalties of Using a Handheld Mobile Device in Washington State

In the case of the CDL holders, the penalty for using a handheld mobile device while driving is quite stiff. Penalties may include:

  • Fines: Substantial monetary penalties
  • Points on CDL: To your commercial driving record you will incur the following points:
  • License Suspension: Short term or long term ban from driving a commercial vehicle.
  • Increased Insurance Rates: Higher premiums as a result of the violation of the set measures.
  • Employment Impact: Losing a job or having a problem of getting a job in the future.

Washington State has Strict Penalties for Using a Handheld Mobile Device While Driving, Especially for CDL Holders:

  • First Offense: A fine and points on your CDL is not uncommon.
  • Second Offense: Heavier penalties, more demerits, and even suspension of the individuals’ driving license
  • Third and Subsequent Offenses: Stringent measures that include extended suspension of the driver’s license and even the complete withdrawal of the CDL.


What can be defined as using a handheld mobile device while driving?

Risky behavior includes texting, making a call, browsing the internet, or using any of the features that demand one to hold the device when driving.

Is it permissible to use a hands free device?

Yes, hands free devices is allowed for the CDL holders in Washington state but the device should not be hand held.

What should I do if I am taken to court with this offense?

Please contact a skilled lawyer as soon as possible and explain your case to get to know your rights. Legal help should be sought as soon as possible to ensure that your CDL is not endangered and penalties are kept to a minimum.

In what way will the lawyer assist me?

A lawyer can give professional opinion, defend you in court, plea with the prosecutors and formulate a defense plan that will help in the reduction or abolishment of the charges facing you.

What effects does a conviction have on the person hence in the society?

A conviction may result in increased insurance premiums, problems with finding a job as a commercial driver, and/or the loss of your CDL.

Being charged for using a handheld mobile device while driving as a CDL holder in Washington is extremely significant and may need a competent lawyer to represent you as soon as possible. At Ticket Cutter, we work to achieve the best outcome for you which means that your rights are defended and your job is not in jeopardy. Please get in touch with us today for the free consultation and let us assist you in this difficult case.

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