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What Does Texting While Driving Mean for a CDL Holder?

Use of mobile phones while driving particularly for CDL holders is a grave offense in the state of Washington. This is not only hazardous to the lives of other people on the road but also threatens your commercial driving future. Because you are a CDL holder, more is expected of you because of the task you perform and the risks that come with it. The repercussions of getting oneself caught texting while driving ranges from certain hefty fines, suspension of one’s CDL and even losing one’s job. In case one is charged with such offenses, it is important to comprehend the legal consequences and his/her rights.

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It is advised that one hires a lawyer when charged with texting while driving as a CDL holder. Our company is committed to help CDL holders in fighting such charges that are quite grave in nature. We know that every case is different and that is why we offer you strong defense strategies that correspond to your case. We shield your income and guarantee you get a just treatment while in the courthouse.

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When you are a CDL holder charged with texting while driving, you surely need a professional legal assistance. We, at Ticket Cutter, are a team of adroit lawyers and we are here to help you. It is our pleasure to offer free initial consultations and virtual consultations at your convenient time since we are available 24/7. Based in Washington State, we represent clients in the civil and criminal legal system and are here for you in this difficult time.

Your Legal Options

When facing charges of texting while driving as a CDL holder, you have several legal options:

  • Contesting the Charge: There are a number of ways in which you can challenge the charge, these include challenging on merit on account of evidence, circumstances of the alleged offense or procedural irregularities.
  • Negotiating a Plea Bargain: At times, one can agree with the judge to have the charges or the punishment lessened.
  • Seeking a Dismissal: In case the evidence is weak, or the evidence used is inadmissible, your lawyer can help you get the charges dropped.
  • Mitigating Penalties: If the firm’s services are engaged when a conviction is inevitable, they will assist in reducing the penalties that are incurred and safeguard your CDL and work.

Texting While Driving Defense Services

Our comprehensive defense services for CDL holders accused of texting while driving include:

  • Thorough case investigation
  • Evidence gathering and analysis
  • The issues of evidence and wrong procedures
  • Negotiating with prosecutors
  • Representation in court hearings
  • Reducing the severity of sanctions and fighting for other solutions
  • Offering legal services during the whole period

Why You May Require the Services of a Lawyer

This paper also seeks to explain why it is crucial to have a lawyer to defend the CDL holders who are accused to have been texting while driving. The stakes are high, and the consequences of a conviction can be severe, including:

  • Hefty fines
  • The consequence of getting a CDL suspended or revoked
  • The following are factors that are recorded on your driving record
  • Increased insurance rates
  • Loss of employment and limited possibilities of finding new employment

A lawyer with much experience in the field will assist you to comprehend the legal procedures involving your case, ensure that you are safeguarded and strive to obtain a favorable result of the case. Hiring a lawyer also ensures that one has a better chance of getting reduced penalties, non-custodial charges, and protection of one’s job.

The impacts of texting while driving in Washington State

Washington State has strong anti-texting while driving laws especially for the CDL drivers. Penalties for CDL holders caught texting while driving include:

  • Fines: Fines which can be quite hefty, and you end up paying for them.
  • License Suspension: CDL, which you may have lost for a while and this affects your working ability.
  • Increased Insurance Rates: Higher premiums that can harm your financial condition.
  • Employment Consequences: Losing one’s job or having a problem of getting another one in the future.


What are the general laws in Washington State concerning texting while driving for the holders of CDL?

While texting while driving is forbidden to all drivers in Washington State, the holders of CDL faces stronger consequences for this violation because they have higher responsibility on the wheels.

In your opinion, what should one do if they are stopped for texting while driving as a holder of a CDL?

Do not get angry, respect others, and do not confess your fault. It is advised to speak with an attorney who can help you with your case right away.

Can I get my CDL taken away for texting while driving?

Yes, texting while driving is dangerous and can result in your losing your CDL and in turn affect your working experience.

What can a lawyer do for me if I got a texting while driving charge?

An attorney can gather facts in your case, dispute the evidence, plead with the prosecutors, and defend you in court to get the best results.

Can the charges be declined?

Based on the details of your case, it is possible to get the charges dropped on grounds such as insufficient evidence or procedural irregularities.

What can happen to a CDL holder if he or she gets a texting while driving conviction?

The long term effects include a mark on your driving record which can take a long time to be cleared, high insurance rates and difficulties in getting a job.

Getting a texting while driving charge as a CDL holder is stressful, but you do not have to stand alone when you face it. Please call Ticket Cutter at 425-264-2000 for more information and get a free consultation and let us assist you in securing your job and your future. That is why we are here to help you find the information and resources you need during this difficult period.

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