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What is Defined as an Improper Right Turn in Washington State?

An improper right turn is a violation of traffic laws regarding right hand turns whereby a driver does not make the correct turn. In Washington State, some of the offenses that may be charged include; failing to signal when making a turn, turning in the wrong lane, making a turn at a red light without coming to a complete stop or turning into the wrong lane. The above violation is considered to be rather severe, as it can lead to accidents and endanger other participants and interfere with the traffic stream.

Ticket Cutter – Our Strategy for Improper Right Turn Violation Defense

Getting a ticket for an improper right turn can be quite problematic, however, you do not have to fight the charge all on your own. The professionals at Ticket Cutter are here to fight for you and your right to not receive traffic tickets and keep your record clean. Thus, if you have been charged for an improper right turn, it is wise to consult an attorney.

Get Legal Help By Hiring Ticket Cutter

If you have been cited with an offense of improper right turn then it will be advisable to engage the services of an expert attorney. Ticket Cutter is a law firm that practices in Washington State and is available for consultations via video and is open 24/7. First and foremost, we want to make sure that you get the very best defense that you can get and this is why we offer a free initial consultation.

Understanding Your Legal Options

Facing an improper right turn charge presents several legal avenues:

  • Contest the Ticket: Appeal the ticket in court with the help of our professional attorneys.
  • Mitigation Hearing: You can ask for a hearing to tell the story and possibly lessen the punishment.
  • Deferral: At times, you could be eligible for a deferral thus preventing the issuance of the ticket to your record.
  • Traffic School: To erase the violation from your record or to decrease the consequences, go to traffic school.

All the options have their advantages and disadvantages; therefore, our team will be glad to assist you in choosing the most proper approach for your case.

Improper Right Turn Defense Services

  • Initial Case Evaluation: Review your facts of the case in order to come up with a good defense plan.
  • Representation in Court: Defend you in court and negotiate on your behalf when appearing in court.
  • Negotiation with Prosecutors: Make an effort to minimize the charges or the penalties through the proper negotiation measures.
  • Consultation and Advice: Make recommendations as to possibilities of the future and the most appropriate course of action.
  • Evidence Gathering: Gather and assess facts such as video recorded by traffic cameras and testimonies of the bystanders.
  • Appeals: If the initial decision goes against the applicant/employee, then the latter should appeal the decision.

Why You Might Want to Hire a Lawyer Instead of Fighting on Your Own

Taking an improper right turn charge requires the services of a lawyer for the following reasons. An attorney can:

  • Reduce Penalties: Reduce the fines that are imposed on you and prevent paying higher insurance premiums.
  • Dismiss Charges: The ideal is to get the ticket expunged from your record so that it does not appear in your file.
  • Prevent License Suspension: To prevent the presence of points which may lead to the suspension of a license.
  • Expert Guidance: Understand traffic law and the systems relating to the court and its procedures.

Having an attorney on your side boosts your chances of winning; thus, it is always recommended that you work with one.

Washington State Laws on Right Turn: The Penalties of Improper Right Turn

Washington State imposes strict penalties for improper right turns, which may include:

  • Fines: Financial sanctions which are severe and can accrue to a significant amount depending on the number of times a person has offended.
  • Points on Your License: All the points that one accumulates lead to high insurance premiums and even suspension of one’s license.
  • Traffic School Requirements: The following are some of the measures which can be adopted; The traffic offenders to be made to attend traffic school for serious offenses.
  • Increased Insurance Rates: It’s possible for the insurance companies to increase your rates after a traffic violation.

Knowing these consequences is crucial to recognize the need of getting legal help as soon as possible.

Ticket Cutter our team has developed a very methodical and calculated way of handling improper right turn charges for clients. Our process includes:

  • Knowledge and Procedures: This is because we have the necessary experience in traffic laws of Washington State and the courts.
  • Evaluation and Representation: One has to comprehend the specifics of every ticket and then help the clients on the most suitable legal procedures.
  • Personalized Defense Plans: As the defense lawyers, we develop our strategies in response to the specifics of each particular case.

Our promise is to advocate for our clients in order to achieve the most favorable result for them.


Q: Some of the banned right turns that are unlawful in Washington State include;

A: Some of the common cases include; not signaling, turning from the wrong lane, turning at the red light without coming to a complete stop or turning into the wrong lane.

Q: Yes, you can challenge an improper right turn ticket.

A: Yes, it is possible to fight the ticket in court with the help of a good lawyer and get it thrown out or at least reduced.

Q: What are the possible consequences of an unlawful right turn?

A: The consequences may vary and may consist of a fine, points added to the offender’s license, higher insurance rates, and, depending on the state, attendance of the traffic school.

Q: What can you do for me in my case as my ticket cutter?

A: We offer legal support of all levels: from the initial assessment of the situation to representation in court, negotiation with the prosecution and advisory services.

Q: Should you get a lawyer for an improper right turn ticket?

A: Absolutely. It is a way that a lawyer can increase the chances of getting a good result and decreasing or avoiding the charges that will affect the future.

For more information or to book your free consultation please contact Ticket Cutter at 425-264-2000. Below are the various traffic offenses and here we are to help you in avoiding the consequences of these offenses and ensure that your license is safe.

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