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If you have been charged with Hit and Run in Washington you are being accused of a serious crime. You are subject to up to a year in jail, a $5,000 fine and license suspension in addition to higher insurance rates for up to three years.

Hit and Run “Attended” in Washington State (RCW 46.52.020)

This is a crime that involves hitting a vehicle where there is either a driver or an occupant who is not injured and then leaving the scene. If you are a driver who is involved in an accident with an occupied vehicle, you must stop and provide your name, address, insurance company, insurance policy number, vehicle license number, and driver’s license. If you leave the scene without providing this information and are later found, a charge of Hit and Run “Attended” will almost certainly be filed. The State has 2 years from the date of the incident to file charges.
The state must prove that you were aware of the accident. It is not necessary that you know or were aware that the other vehicle was occupied, even though this fact is what elevates the charge from a misdemeanor to a gross misdemeanor. If convicted of this section, your license will be revoked for a period of at least one year.

Hit and Run “Unattended” Laws in Washington State (RCW 46.52.010)

Washington law requires a person who has been involved in an accident that damages property (this could be an unoccupied car or some other property) to stop and provide his or her name, address, license, insurance company, and insurance policy number. If a driver is leaves the scene without providing this information, this charge could be filed. Hit and Run Unattended is a simple misdemeanor.

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