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What is Aggressive Driving?

Aggressive driving is defined as the combination of dangerous driving behaviors that endanger other people on the road. This can comprise of; speeding, tailing, frequent changing of lanes and any other form of reckless driving. In Washington State, aggressive driving is a very serious offense because it can lead to many accidents and endanger many people’s lives. Knowing much about the aggressive driving laws is important especially if you are a defendant of the offense.

Effective Aggressive Driving Defense

It is never fun to be charged with aggressive driving, and this is especially true if it is your first time. Such charges can result in a lot of consequences such as heavy fines, demerit points on the license, high insurance costs, and sometimes even revocation of the license. Our attorneys at Ticket Cutter can help you fight aggressive driving charges, fighting to ensure you receive the best results for your case.

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If you find yourself charged with aggressive driving, it is best to seek help rather than going it alone. Let Ticket Cutter take care of it for you. We have virtual consultations, no charge for the first meeting, and are always on call to talk about a case. Our attorneys have stepped up our commitment to bring you the legal assistance to fight these charges in Washington State.

Exploring Your Legal Options

When charged with aggressive driving, you have several legal options to consider:

Pay the Fine

While this seems rather simple, you will be convicted and have the points on your record and possibly your license suspended.

Contest the Charges

You are allowed to defend yourself or be defended in court by putting forward facts and or/arguments that may show you are innocent or that the charges brought against you should be reduced in some way.

Negotiate a Plea Deal

A professional legal representative can also engage the services of the prosecutors with an aim of having the charges or penalties trimmed down in a given case therefore leading to a better result.

Extent of Our Aggressive Driving Defense Services

At Ticket Cutter, we offer comprehensive legal services to defend against aggressive driving charges, including:

  • Representation in court
  • Negotiation with prosecutors
  • Evidence collection and analysis
  • Expert witness consultation
  • Defense strategy development
  • Appeals if necessary

Aggressive Driving Charges: Why You Should Get an Attorney

Being represented by an attorney is greatly recommended for aggressive driving charges since the charges are severe. Here’s why legal representation is crucial:

Expert Knowledge

An attorney knowledgeable in the area of Washington State traffic laws will know the possible defenses and procedural mistakes that can be made.

Potential Penalty Reduction

In this case, the services of a legal representative will help in an attempt to reduce the fines that one is likely to be charged, not getting one’s license suspended, and also reducing the points that one is likely to have on their record as a driver.

Negotiation Skills

It is also for this reason that lawyers can easily engage the prosecutors in negotiations to reduce the charges or the penalties.

Outcomes of Aggressive Driving in Washington State

It is necessary to know possible consequences of aggressive driving. In Washington State, these can include:

Hefty Fines

The consequences that can lead to financial penalties of varying scales that may affect you.

Points on Your Record

Building up points which may result in increase of the insurance rates and one being subjected to license suspension.

License Suspension

Possible short term or long term suspension of your driving license.

Criminal Record

This type of offense that you may be charged with can lead to a misdemeanor conviction and may impact your chances of getting a job or other opportunities.

Ticket Cutter’s Strategy to Defending Aggressive Driving Charges

Aggressive driving charges at Ticket Cutter are defended using a detailed and planned strategy. Our process includes:

Detailed Evaluation

Therefore, you need to go through your case and try to see which defense strategy will be most effective in your case.

Strategic Planning

Coming up with a strategy that is unique to your case and the facts of the case at hand.

Aggressive Representation

They will be in a position to defend you in court, engage with the prosecuting authority and offer the best evidence in your defence.

Concentration in Aggressive Driving Defense

Aggressive driving charges are our area of practice at the firm. Such strategies include disputing the use of radar, the admissibility of witness statements, and the circumstances of the alleged offense among others.

Detailed Defense Tactics

Some specific tactics we use include:

Examining Evidence

Reviewing the video recordings, interviewing persons who saw the event and reading the police statements and finding contradictions.

Challenging Procedures

To make sure that the law enforcement conducted the traffic stop and arrest in the right way.

Questioning Witnesses

Such as: Re-examining the witnesses to show that they are liars with the help of their prior and subsequent statements.

Dubious about Our Firm’s Capability?

Ticket Cutter will ensure that you have the best defense against aggressive driving charges because we are knowledgeable and efficient. As a firm, we have the experience of handling such cases and fighting such charges and winning the case for the client.


What should I do if I am faced with aggressive driving charges?

Please contact the attorney of your choice in order to have a consultation of your case and the possible outcomes based on the law.

Do I have to hire a lawyer for these charges?

Although one can defend the charges without the help of an attorney, it is rather beneficial to have one to help you fight the charges.

What can a lawyer do to assist me with my matter?

A lawyer can give legal advice, plea with the prosecutors and come up with a legal defense plan to either lessen or eliminate the charges.

What effects does a conviction have in the future?

A conviction will lead to the having of a criminal record, high insurance premium, and would make it hard for one to get a job.

Can I have them dropped?

Charges can be dropped using legal defense that is articulate to show that there has been misconduct in the system or if there is sufficient evidence in your defense.

Should you have any traffic-related legal issues in Washington State, call Ticket Cutter at 4252642000 for your free consultation. Let us assist you in dissecting the traffic laws and fighting for your rights to achieve the most favorable results for your case.

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