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DUI/DWI – Hit & Run – Reckless Driving – Suspended License – Commercial (CDL) Violations – 100 MPH Over – Red Light Camera – Traffic Violation – Failure to Appear (FTA) – DMV Hearing – Stop Sign – Speeding – Out of Lane

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    Elma & Jeff J. – Speeding Ticket

    We’re ecstatic beyond belief. They went way above what we expected, our ticket violation was dismissed. Kept us updated. We appreciate your hard work!! 

    Traffic Ticket - Ticket Cutter Lawyer

    Irina R. – Traffic Ticket

    “I was looking for a traffic ticket attorney in Renton and I’m so happy I found these guys! My speeding ticket got dismissed and my record is clean.”

    Traffic Ticket - Ticket Cutter Lawyer

    Ivan R. – Distracted Driving

    “My friend recommended me these guys. Ticket Cutter was thorough and quick to respond to emails. I would gladly work with them again in the future.” 

    Traffic Ticket - Ticket Cutter Lawyer

    Netza R. – Traffic Violation

    “Very professional law firm and extremely communicative. Would absolutely work with again. My ticket violation was totally dismissed, great work Ticket Cutter!”

    Traffic Ticket - Ticket Cutter Lawyer

    Vlad G. – CDL Violation

    “As a CDL holder my license is my livelihood. I ticketed for being out of my lane. Ticket Cutter went to court for me and won my case! Thank you!” 

    Traffic Ticket - Ticket Cutter Lawyer

    Moses M. – Traffic Violation

    “I am extremely satisfied with Ticket Cutter’s service and will use them again in the future. Hopefully not too soon in the future. I highly recommend Ticket Cutter.”

    Traffic Ticket - Ticket Cutter Lawyer

    Danny B. – Traffic Ticket

    “Ticket Cutter is amazing. So good at what they do! Their follow up and updates are great. I won’t hesitate to refer this law firm to all of my network.”

    Traffic Ticket - Ticket Cutter Lawyer

    Anna T. – Speeding Ticket

    “This is my 3rd traffic violation with Ticket Cutter. Great service, always fast and I don’t have to go to court. They are the best traffic ticket attorney near me!”

    Traffic Ticket - Ticket Cutter Lawyer

    Henry D. – Traffic Ticket

    “These guys are spectacular! Best traffic ticket attorney I have ever hired. Painless process, great rates and I didn’t even have to go to their office. Thanks guys!”

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